July 25, 2016

     “The timing of ‘middle of the month’ has passed and there are some annoyed and angry people. We would not ask for patience for the turmoil is understandable. We have the understanding, but it cannot be told, so how do we move forward? Know that we, too, must make adjustments. The calculation of some of the steps change and there is no way around it. We realize it is difficult to, once again, wait for the unknown. We have advised patience, but we understand that even the mention of the word stirs anger.

Think then on this:

       We will give a signal as we come closer to action. We see that there is the increase of the listening and this will help support confidence. Walk Forward Mentally, All Will Unfold. Persevere. Watch and Listen – Observe what is in the sky for it will be quickly covered.”

     (m: Question: I heard a rumble like the beginning of a storm and an almost unseen pop, pop, pop, pop, pop in the air and then was instantly gone. Was that a sign?) “They were energies rubbing together. We can say no more. Adieu to you, we must go.”



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