June 26, 2016

       “Many times I have crossed Light Workers on earth as I flyin the sky. The majority do not sense my presence, yet I am here to communicate with guidance. It has been a long, long journey with what earth people call ‘bumps in the road’. Sometimes it has seemed to be mountains to climb. Where there should be strength there is now weakness encouraged with those who hide within and set aside the openness needed for connection.

     This is my call to awareness for many. The rejuvenation must come from within in each individual. It cannot be given. Having made clear what many must do, it is a step forward now that many will realize too late. This does not mean they will be left behind, but that they are at the bottom of a mountain to be climbed as they see others who are already climbing.

   Listen we say, over and over. There are those who concentrate on this remembering a part of their spiritual life. I come and I go, I am seldom at rest to be seen, so I say again, LISTEN, LISTEN. THAT IS THE KEY TO OPENING CELESTIAL DOORS. It is sometimes sudden, shown for a moment and then gone from sight. For most, it does not leave their memory. The beauty of what is to come will be more visual, but the understanding, the inner message will come to those who have persevered. i may be further away, but I am with you, yes, you Light Workers who read my words, you may not see me in flight but with some openness you can sense that I am connected with you.

     Now, LISTEN CAREFULLY, a phrase we have used over and over but does not change its importance.




                                     THE SUN WILL SHINE,
                                     THE DAY WILL BE ‘NORMAL’,
                                     SUDDENLY THERE WILL BE CHANGE
                                     THAT CANNOT BE IGNORED.

                                     MOMENTARILY, CLOSE YOUR EYES,
                                     SENSE THE ATMOSPHERE,
                                     REMEMBER TO BREATH, TO TAKE
                                     A CALMING BREATH;
                                     THEN LISTEN AND WATCH;

                                     PROTECT YOUR EYES, DO NOT STARE,
                                     LET THE LIGHT THAT SHINES
                                     ENVELOPE YOU.
                                     STAY STEADY, BE ONE WITH GOD,
                                     BE YOUR LIGHT SELF,
                                     BE SURROUNDED BY LOVE,
                                     MEET YOUR MAKER’S LOVE OF LIGHT,
                                     GIVE YOUR BODY AN AWARENESS OF A

                                     PEACE BE TO YOU.
                                     I HAVE SPOKEN,
                                            *       AND IT SHALL BE.     *


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