June 26, 2016

     “Peace be unto you. We know of Sandalphon’s message. We would like to follow his announcement with these thoughts and guidelines. Do not rush in time because of that which is to come. Follow what would be a normal day. The time as far as morning / afternoon has not and will not be said. Do not allow future participation to overshadow what needs to be done and a daily pattern. The energies in most of the world are wound tightly. There are many reasons for this tension. It is not necessary to give the causes. It is necessary to concentrate on the nervousness of the Self. That is what is important no matter where you are on a particular day. Do not let anticipation lead to different paths. 

     This is not a time of telling, of preparing others for what is to come. The Light Workers need to know, but others should follow their own guidance as said previously. Calmness is what is needed. Work it into the Pattern Of Life. That is all for now.”




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