June 30, 2016

     “We come as a Unit. There has been a very long journey to make our way here. You are wondering where we are from and we answer this way – We are of a High Realm Of Light Beings. We do not travel to earth until this journey so it is obvious that we have much to say. Most beginnings are known and honored by a particular date, but in the case of this sporting time the answer is not so sure. You are many aspects of life that is guided by a tame time frame, a celebration or other reason for being. It is when your time frame moves and has no meaning that there is conflict.

     We are TIME KEEPERS. We manage and sometimes change that which affects the Progress of Life. There are so many, many people who are wound up in daily steps of Life. That is why there is so much chaos with new beginning. Simply put, THE GUIDELINES OR FRAME OF LIFE CAN SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR. You may ask, how can this be? It is a major change when everything changes and schedules are wiped out. Adjustments must be made, but the shock is that when one change manifests and adjustment is made, another comes along and once again there needs to be adjustments. Now take a sample of your day and see how it changes. This inconvenience manifests fear. Just as confidence is being developed there is a change that may be disturbing because there is no one who can give answers. So you see, that there is a large amount of faith required. We understand how draining the energies can be so we will continue later. 


Note: In this case, sporting means to vary markedly from the normal type.                                                                           



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