July 7, 2016

   “We begin. The ups and downs of daily life are becoming more entangled with the horrors that have spread throughout the world. It is obvious that there Is more fear and uncertainty on a daily basis. People are drawing inward, but not for guidance. They try to hide from fears and yet create it. We have said, along with others, repeatedly, take time to rest, take time to just be, but there seem to be a small number who do this on a daily basis. The alternative is to become more aware of what you put in your brain. Stop and observe. Collect your thoughts and see what is formed, then weed out the negative ones and refinish with positive thoughts. If done with seriousness you can clean your mental space and start a checklist of those negative thoughts that can be eliminated. With persistence you will find space within for new thought and words that can be dropped within. Build your house of thoughts that can remain. Proceed forward with renewed insight.”



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