July 15, 2016

     “There is much turmoil on earth as almost anyone knows. Do you think this has been set aside? The answer is it has not been set aside and the pattern, in different forms, will continue. There is evil manifesting with dire results. How then do you handle a continuation? Be strong within when you hear or see of another happening. 

     We are here. You have already seen more carnage. It may seem like it will never end and there is a continuation, but eventually, there will be a shift.”


July 17, 2016

     Many times there have been warnings only to see nothing happen. It does not take much attention to see that there is a tide of killings in different parts of the world. This is affecting people inwardly and that is no surprise. Sometimes the evidence is right before your eyes. This will continue, but now is the time to shift to another awareness.

  1. Sense the atmosphere for there will be less signs in the sky.
  2. Preserve your energy, meaning, if at all possible find some way to rest the body even if it is just minutes. These may seem repetitive and basically, that is true. What is different is that the sounds which, as you know, have been coming frequently, will be heard as if far away and they are. This is not disruptive, but they are different energies. Allow the heat to dissipate as much as possible. The heat and the strength of the unseen energies can be dangerous. We are very aware that over and over we and others have sent warnings. This does not weaken the importance of what we say. Your work has just begun. Put the patterns of the past aside. They still have importance, but this is like a new learning. Be patient with others. Many are carrying burdens that are not visible. This is an up and down time, a forward, back time. Use conscious patience and stay in touch for future changes.”


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