July 18, 2016

     “Peace be unto you. It is time for you to sing. Begin to examine what is necessary to make this available.” (Singing of Celestial Songs.)

     Colors have been neglected because there was very good information given previously, but there is much to learn. We will take a little step in that direction. Silver is a delicate but strong color to become acquainted with. Though it is seldom used it is a very powerful and meaningful color. It is not accidental that a chalice is usually created from silver. It is what we call the strengthener – that which projects and changes. It can be soothing, but it also can be powerfully aggressive.

   Silver is not a barrier as much as it is a protector. Its smoothness shows strength that can be used in various ways. This is not new information except that the various ways are at a Celestial level. It takes great care and training in order to handle or direct the silver.” 


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