July 21, 2016

   “I come as the earth is heating up. This is to be endured, but be aware of careful time in its rays. It has been long since I have talked with you, but I’m always aware of the circumstances.

   I come with a message for all who read the words. I Will Appear At Some Point And It Will Be Known. This viewing (for I will speak no words) will be known. My message or appearance is to awaken many of that which is not getting the attention it deserves. I am speaking of the spiritual side of life, the inner self and the Light that shines within so many. Let your Light shine I say to all the Light Workers. Come out from your shell of protection. Be who you are without fanfare, simply Be.

   I also say that the predictions that did not manifest for earth’s inhabitants does not mean there was no advancement. Some realized the new tones and energies, most did not. ‘Be Aware has been said many times because the words fit, t there are so many different levels of awareness that the words are not taken as seriously as they should be. Just open to hearing. Open to change and be aware of your environment. I SEND LOVE AND CARING.   I WILL RETURN.


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