July 22, 2016

     “This is for today – July 22, 2016. ‘Listen Well’ has been said many times, but it is our way of saying it is important. In the days ahead there will be much confusion. It may not be seen, it may not be understood, but there will be confusion. Knowing, hopefully, will save some from time spent trying to figure out what is going on. If you are aware, you will see more evidence than some others. Confusion disturbs the inner body which then reaches the inner self and it can grow and grow. The step to take is to be aware, to listen and feel how your inner body is reacting and how you are reacting mentally. This may seem simple for in a day of normalcy there may be confusion. We are talking here about a different type of impact from Unknown Sources. If you are mentally prepared you can slide through it, others may say ‘What the heck is going on’. We tell you now there will be No Answer. Simply know and act with whatever balance needs to be activated. That is all.”



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