July 31, 2016

     “Peace be unto you. This is a busy time for people of earth. The time has speeded up though it is not known to most. It is work, work, work. It is why so many are losing ground on their advancement forward. Sometimes it cannot be avoided unless there is a conscious awareness of the need or rest and contemplation.

     The signs in the Sky have disappeared as foretold. For many there seems to be an emptiness and in many areas the quietness of the birds has been noticed. Where they have gone has been asked and we cannot say. This contributes to the quietness, yet there is much activity. This is a period of time that is like a vacuum. The heat that is manifesting in many areas is draining and this is understandable. Still, some are careless in exposing pets or children which leads to their death.

     Here is a pattern to follow: Be alert to your surroundings. We cannot go into specifics as to why except to say it is having a strong effect. Slowly, slowly, things are changing – sensed but not known as to the manner except that some recognize the feeling of strain on their body.

     Sleep, your dreams may give you understanding, but let it come to you slowly. Puzzles take time and this is a puzzling time. Be patient, too, with others for the strain is too much for some people and they are pulling inward. This, too, shall pass and it will seem like a moment in time. Persevere and Progress go together.


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