August 2, 2016

     “You will find that there will be a flow of messages at the most inopportune time.   Give up your connection with the hours and time as you know it. You and others will very quickly see how time will change and those who live by the clock are going to have a big adjustment to make.

     Listen to the guidelines carefully for there may be hidden messages within the actual words. To others and you I say, be much more alert – not just once in awhile, but at opportunities that appear. Remember also that the messages do not have to be understood at their beginning. Hear, store it in your mind and then put the pieces together at a later opportunity. You will be vindicated, meaning the words given you will prove to be accurate. The smooth careful speaking of the words will change to a faster pace. As information flows keep a steady pace and review and think on the words later. We will speak again later.”


     August 3, 2016

     “Good evening. This message may be longer than most, but we have much to say. The days advance with no sign of any major change. You are correct in feeling the energy today and the sense of nervousness.”


     August 4, 2016

     “This is the time that has been spoken of for eons. Some are preparing mentally, but obviously the majority have their views on other matters. There is no ‘tuning’ taking place. Nothing we can say will change things until the physical aspect begins to take place. There will be so much confusion at that time that words will not have much impact. We are talking about the realization that control at that time will seem beyond reach. It will be an endurance time. As adjustment is made to the new surroundings, the sense of loss will manifest. By that we mean the major reaction will pass by and the acceptance will take adjustment. The animals will adjust.”



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