August 6, 2016

     “Look to the Sky though there are no signs. Make it a daily practice. The energies are going up and down. This affects some with the need for sleep and irritability in others. You will see that some people are pulling away and creating their own space with who to let in and weeding out others from coming too close. It is an unconscious method of protection.

     We have spoken of change almost non-stop but the depth of it has not been announced. This will not be a step by step process, it will be The Sudden Launch Of Energetic Sounds. This is as far as we have gone because the next following steps will be a fast pattern that cannot be surmised simply because it will be difficult to comprehend and put a name or description on what is seen. As said before, it will take time to put the pieces together and it cannot be done all at once. Stay steady as the time passes, follow your body’s needs as to the need for rest.”



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