August 8, 2016

     “As things progress we are very aware of the timing of our messages. We have not yet moved to fast receiving messages but that will come. Our messages now are carefully crafted so there is a double meaning if necessary.

     We progress at a fast pace though we are aware it does not seem like it on earth. Listen well we deliberately repeat for emphasis. There are layers of Sound coming. This may seem a strange wording, but is the difference in Flat Sound and Angular Sound. The explanation of these words would be very interesting to some and very intriguing, but that is not yet to be given to earth. The Sounds might be puzzling at first, but the reactions will then turn to annoyance and fear. Anything new and different causes many reactions and it is important to stay balanced. This can be accomplished by the previous ‘circular steps’ or by personal strong and determined control. We will continue to give assistance, but be aware that there will be many who lose their sense of control. We will come back to colors as more time is needed for review. Stay focused on the Self within being surrounded with calmness.”


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