August 8, 2016

     “We come again for a particular event. As we move forward with anticipation we would like for the messages to be like stepping stones. Sometimes the stones may be further apart and sometimes close together. We have spoken of one subject in particular, that is the Sounds. Now we move to a totally different subject. IT IS ICE. That surprises you and is expected because of the strangeness of the times. The world has been heating up and the temperatures have climbed. The waters in many areas have been polluted and trashed with what humans have put in or thrown away which is like a toxic ingredient. So why do we mention ice? Because in many areas where it is normally seen it will appear to be not functioning. By this we mean it will look and seem different. It, too, is changing in small, invisible ways, at least invisible for now. It is forming or re-forming in different ways. This is a shocking message. In one instance it can be said that ice is already following this pattern for it breaks off and leaves a different form. Still, this reforming will contain a difference. This difference will retain itself in different shapes than formerly seen. Its shape leaves it open to absorb new beings of light. These are not entities, but LIGHT CRYSTALS.

     This is like a different exploration and is new on your planet but in other spaces. The purpose? IT CRYSTALIZES THAT WHICH WILL FORM AND BRING FORTH LIFE. This life will be tiny crystals which over time will form new aspects of ice. The beauty it brings will be awesome, but it will bring life that begins small but does not stay in that form. LIGHT REPRESENTS ITSELF IN MANY WAYS.   THINK ON THAT.



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