August 11, 2016
     Marcia and Adriane

     “I heard the word string and then ‘calm the bird down’. ( I have a loud conure.) Adriane said to go higher – wait. “We are stretching out.” (m: It is a large group.) “Come, come my friends. It is time we speak.

     There is much activity above you and yet not known on earth. The Sounds you have been told of, but this is a different step forward. We gather and did so quickly for this opening. It is time to begin to work together. It is time to help bring Light to earth. We know and you know that it is arriving, but we are talking about a different angle you might call it. It may not be understood at first, but we will give the basics.

     Turn to one area and you see. Quickly turn to another area behind you and it is totally different but still has aspects of what was seen first. That is the way it will be, for you will see either with your eyes or your knowing, but as you see, you must leave open an avenue for sensing/seeing behind you. This will not be hard, but very important to do. See visually front and back at the same time.

     Now we move to a different realm you might say. You will hear more often literal words of guidance. Sometimes this must be put together to gain the entire picture. Sometimes, other times it will be like pointing the way to advance. The meaning may not come quickly, but you will sense and perhaps be surprised that you know what to do without it being said. We will know this so it is not necessary to explain. It is part of you. We like to think of this in your terms of A,B,C – your alphabet. The ABC is well known and then you must go on to the next steps, probably three to see and understand and know what to do next.

     It has always, in this life, been within. It just has not been known until now. It may be overwhelming at first and then you see it flow (the knowing) like a door opening. We see you in your physical form. You may be surprised that you may be seen like a flash in another form seen by some people. You’ll know because of the expression on their face. If there is a question we do not have to give suggestions as to what to say, it will come forth easily and it is not to be covered or managed as to what to say.

     Soon there will be much distress at change which cannot be controlled. This will add to the tension that is manifesting on earth. During this time you must consciously find what will help you maintain balance. We are the THREE. Beside, around and behind us are many even as I speak. You are known to have messages and knowledge. This is an open group, meaning we all contribute. You will be very busy and, incidentally, so will we.”   (m: I heard the word Turquoise (green and blue). I heard Camel, Star, Light around you. Sparkles of tiny crystals lighting the Sky. Remembrance. Look deep when you see and also listen to the individual tones. We are nearer than we have ever been. Adriane, do you know who we are? (a: No.) I am SAMSON and DELILAH’S son. I do exist though this is the first knowing of my existence. I have waited many, many eons to come forth for I have much to say. Do not attach me too strongly to the Biblical story. I was little known in life but now I speak with the Light. It has been a long, long time before I could share this unknown life. I was carefully protected and my identity hidden. Around me now are Light Beings who are overjoyed at hearing the message go forth. It is like a new birth for them for they are like family.”   (Note: Bible – Judges 16, v 4-31.)

     We would like to speak again as things begin to manifest on earth. Adriane, you have stayed hidden for too long and the rest was needed. It is now time to slowly come out of your cocoon. Marcia, your work will increase, but you already know that. Be patient with changing patterns. We go now, but I pause to ask you, Adriane, if you have any questions. (a: The only question I have is about the javelin Light coming to earth.) “What is the question?” (a: I have never seen that form before. What is its purpose?) “Well spoken. The symbol indicates power. This is not a time when softness is part of action. The fact that it was a javelin indicates fast movement and specific placement and direction.” (a: They were coming down, many of them. I was seeing it with my eyes. I was fascinated, it came closer and closer to me. I was in the car at night. One hit right beside me. I was seeing color differences. The javelin is made of Light and Color – Vibrant Color. )     

     “We will be manifesting soon. By this I mean you will be aware of my presence and some of my friends. You have waited a long time for this meeting.” (a: May we have a name? A present name?) “Yes, JOSEPH, the 2nd.” (a: Who is Raydon?) “My son. He is named after me…doesn’t show name Joseph the 2nd.” (a. Why are you still called by an earth name?) “I chose it.”

     To m: It is difficult to see what you have to keep up with, but the good new is it will be done. I may come again and I believe you may know me. That is all I want to say on that.


     “The doors are opening as predicted and some disbelieve because they cannot see it happening. We have many, many ships in close range. This should not be a concern for we are here to add balance as the metaphysical Aspect Of Life Begins To Shine. It will be turmoil at times but there will be moments of awe and beauty. Be open to hearing what we have to say that we would like to have placed on the website. We are close to the time when there will be other signals. All will have meaning. If you ask what it is and I have your connection, I will tell you. This can be passed on. We are with this conservation taking a giant beginning step of knowledge. Little by little we are building and this building will help to open more doors for others. You will be amazed at progress made and answers given. Do not put the pieces together. Let them be and then you will see and the whole of it all. We have accomplished much this morning and would appreciate a continuation of this connection. There are smiles here. I, Joseph the 2nd do close this particular session.”


     (a: Were the javelins coming from the ships? It is a complicated answer. It began within the ship, but as you both can figure, it had Its projector from within and out – carefully. (a: I could feel it was coming from a ship that was not that far away dimensionally.)



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