August 13, 2016

   “It is time to consider with more attentiveness how close you are to change. By that we acknowledge that there has been attention, but it is now time to look forward. This is not easy to do as there are no signs. We suggest longer listening when outside. Consider what you feel and hear or sense. It may feel blank at times, but continue to focus. This will help to soften the shock of sudden change. Pull inward, meaning draw inward as if steading all points within. Build confidence knowing there will be help overhead. Do not look to others for support or it will only make things more difficult. We will be in contact though it may take a little longer to connect. We are very aware that there has been a chain of repetition, but it will help – somewhat like an actor or actress practicing their lines. Remember that you also are to write notes on what happens and quick summaries to fill in the spaces later. Notice the overall reaction for this is the Major Step In History that has been foretold for centuries and eons. We go for now.”


# 2: Protect Your Eyes

     When you begin something new you see different patterns. Some take it as an adventure while others are cautious and sometimes worried. Children become easily frightened, but calm themselves when they feel trust and safety. It takes strength and confidence. We feel we have presented these enough times that it will be a great assistance.

     Now we take another step forward. The eyes need to be protected. Shield them has been said before, but it is important to be aware of colors. Knowing the basic color meanings will add to guidance and insight to a pattern. Realize that no one can take it all in when there are people waiting for the next page.


# 3: Shift To A Faster Movement.

     It is imperative for those who are carriers of the truth to begin to shift to faster movement for awhile. Mainly this involves speeding up thinking, but it also means increasing speed on things that have to be done. This leaves space for more control of self and time to record what is seen and felt. This is not a new process, many use it, but it is bringing it to the attention of those who will need time to think. We are emphasizing this as it is difficult to think clearly when there are things that must be done – again a commonly known concept. Review the colors for behind the colors are signals and codes. When there are multiple colors it is sometimes like a sentence waiting to be read. Putting the sentence together does not mean you will automatically understand. Read and the meaning may come later. Don’t try to take it all in at once. This is a new change and will take more concentration. It will be like exploring new land. The path to discovery is sometimes a long road. Be At Peace.”



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