August 14, 2016

     “We come again with further knowledge to hear. This is not the usual pattern for messages, but the things to come are unusual so we want to cover the important steps. In the middle of disasters there are those who panic and those who somehow manage to stay steady.   It is surprising the categories that people fit into. When you see there is someone who is starting to lose their way, their sense of balance, it is helpful to say STOP. The word itself is short and strong. Calmness helps but there needs to be blunt talk to get through to the mixture of fear and upset of the body. It cannot be sugar-coated for it is a major event. Planning ahead is not an easy step to take because you are dealing with the unknown.

     Now we take a step forward to try. FEEL THE EARTH UNDER YOU – not just that you are standing on it but FEEL THE VIBRATION. Realize that this is new and no one can really explain what is happening. GIRD YOURSELF, CALM YOURSELF and those around you. If it is advancing to an out of control situation, do what you can but allow yourself to be taken care of with inner thoughts. REMEMBER TO PRAY if that will help. BE ASSURED as new steps are taken.”



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