August 15, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     I heard these words – Purple – coming – important feelings.

     “We are here. This is a good yearning read. We did want to speak today. This time, the present is beginning to worry people though they don’t show it or speak it. Much is hidden. It is an unease that is within that they sense but don’t understand and try to ignore. As you can imagine, this feeling will grow and that is why you are receiving more messages.

      Adriane, your part is near and what you are feeling that Marcia is also feeling is a drained feeling. This will pass, but it is steps of adjustment in the body. Your cat, Adriane, is very aware, as you know, and senses something different. She is seeing puffs of energy. They are like little balls flying in the air. They are small samples, you might say, of pieces of what is to come. She feels it as do you and Marcia. In other words, you are being surrounded by Active Round Circular Energies. (Adriane said she had seen flashes of energy outside.) I told of one of my dogs who travels when he sleeps who awoke and started barking. “Shawn does travel and this time his traveling was in the midst of the puffs and it frightened him. When feelings of being drained happens, this is what is being felt, areas, and they are just as puzzled as you. IT IS BASICALLY LITTLE BALLS OF CIRCULAR LIGHT COMING DOWN ALL AROUND AND YES, MARCIA, ALSO IN THE HOUSE. Adriane said when she feels drained she sits down and drinks a glass of water and then she feels like getting ‘up and going’. I said that is also what I have been doing. It really helps.

     “Drink water and sit down and drink. I would suggest at least two glasses of water and follow the same procedure.”

     (a: Is this energy changing the core? I feel a difference in the magnetics and gravity of the earth.) “We smile at your knowing for that is exactly what it is. IT IS CHANGING THE CORE, THE IRON CORE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EARTH – CHANGING THE METAL CRYSTALS OF THE CORE AND THAT IS CHANGING THE MAGNETICS.”

     Adriane, there is a corner of oblivion to come. Do not get caught up in what you may sense. If you feel it and surmise what is happening, mentally pull away and shift to a different thought or action.” (a: oblivion – It is a place of all possibilities, consciousness and nothing else – the Void in the East Indian religion – nothingness that contains everything.) (a: Shifting, moving higher up.) (m: They asked for a little time and then said that was good timing as we needed to make some adjustments not pertaining to us.)

     (m: My body began to get very hot. I asked why and was told “change of minute chemicals within the body.” I asked ‘what is going on in there’? The answer was “You will see.”

     “We now come to a more difficult learning or in your case, Adriane, a remembering going way back. Think of the color BLUE as originally filling the Inside Of The Human Body. If you can, picture it. Notice that it is very calming, very thin, and it can be seen through. At one time this was a part of the human body and helped to bring PEACE, CALMNESS AND BALANCE. The aspect of human survival drained this to the point that it disappeared and this is why when it left it was like a call to others who had the same characteristic. What a loss, for until then there was no deep stress within the bodies on earth.   (a: I do see this color in some people.) “That is because they began with acceptance. It is rare, but blessed to be able to see it. It will return at some future now, but now is not the time. Marcia, you have very high sensing. What you perceived was energy being crafted and it will be sent to both of you.” (a: I have been aware of several different shades of blue at the edges of people and above their head as the crown aura. Some paintings show gold over the head like a halo around their head, but some show blue. I see little gold bursts of star-like energy inside the Blue.

     (m: I was led to making statements for Adriane to hear to comment on.)

  1. We see the Sun outside of the Cloud.
  1. The Sun appears to slide in both the east and west direction. (a: The Sun is traveling the earth from east to west. )

3: (m: In the sky I saw a counter-clockwise circle being drawn and then a wavy vertical line within from top to bottom. Adriane explained That Counter Clockwise is Female Energy, meaning it is the Earth female energy. The wavy lines are the Magnetic Pole. She saw two wavy lines North to South.

  1. (m: I described the outer two wavy lines being pulled back until   they reached each other.) Adriane saw a light filled half circle with the wavy lines on the inside – right of the half circle.   (m: I saw it go forward like a hoop moves. The two sides of the circle folded together like a book folding, making a bow like form. My hand was brought back to the shoulder to show Adriane where to push it forward. Adriane said “You have no hands when doing this. You push it with your mind.” She pulled the energy string back like a compound bow and let the energy fly like an arrow toward the earth. She explained that it became a sphere – the half circle settled on the left half of the earth and opened to encompass the right side.  The energy form became a sphere around the earth. I heard “Now watch”. It spread out a huge width. I asked “What is it doing? The answer: “ Cleaning and Calming.”

     “I would say to you both that even you, Adriane, will be surprised at the things that you and Marcia are going to be doing in the form of the time we communicate. It will be delightfully surprising to be a part of it and for others to read.”



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