August 19, 2016

     ‘We must come quickly at times when circumstances require immediate connection. The recent adventure or venture into the galaxy took much time, but the corrections are worth the exquisite care given to its presentation. Each step forward seems eons away, but it is a road that must be traveled. There may be barriers and delays, but the steps must move forward and timing is important. The nerves that are being affected will stay somewhat at the same range. Much information has been given as to steps to take. These words now are for awareness. You and others have noticed the stillness and something different outside. This cannot be detailed as there is variety, but we draw your attention and awareness to it as it will not stay the same.

     You also have noted the fast growth of the trees though there is extreme high heat. Listen for sounds in the distance, but faint like. There may be no sound at all but a feeling of a shift or something not the same. This is a minor happening and not a worry, yet important to notice and file away in your memory. We marvel at the changes in nature that are often ignored. Make note of these changes even if they are small ones. The work that was done on the trip that you and Adriane took was difficult in explanations, but well worth the actions that were taken and smoothly accomplished. There will be more journeys soon and it is a grateful thing to us that you both are totally comfortable with your journeys. Continue in your fashion of movement. Computer problems will ease up and that will help alleviate the stress over new procedures. Stay steady in your resolve to move forward. We shall return.”


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