August 20, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We have in effect fallen into this space quickly to take advantage of a few things we would like to say. Adriane, we need to progress in an enlightening manner. By that we mean to project for others certain unknown knowledge. This is why we would like to have a specific time we can plan to give future information. (a: Tuesday and Wednesday – between 2:00 and 3:00 time.) We like the time available as it fits well with our schedule. Now for another step forward. It seems that earth is overpowered with problems and many, many killings. It is a mess you might say and there would be agreement all over. Unfortunately we cannot say that this will change any time in the near future. There is much heart ache and we feel it. We can only advise to move forward and keep focus on what is ahead and not what is behind. This is difficult when it involves loss of life. It is a time in history that will be noticed as a Turmoil Time throughout the world.

     In the middle of this we are pleased that progress that will affect all is moving forward unnoticed. The messages we are given to send cannot be softened or over played. It is what it is – turmoil and huge losses of life and homes. When this is happening it is obvious that life changes suddenly. This will continue for a time. Peace will seem far away. (a: Do you want to explain how the earth reacts to the turmoil in ourselves?) “In the middle of earth changes you are correct in the effect within being a cause. However, there are changes that are caused by toxic results and unbelievable treatment of the ocean as a dumping ground not to mention the incredible loss of life of the animals for profit or pleasure. The animals are disappearing and it is man’s greed. (a: Hate within human beings, how it affects the earth.) “It is a cancer, it kills and spreads and grows into various new stages of change. There are people who are aware of this who are trying to awake to the danger being created. Money is at the basis of much dismaying death and it has hardly slowed, but there are those who are trying to alert the status or effect of what is going on. (a: Hate and greed form a toxic darkness and the earth reaction to this. The more hate and greed there is, the more darkness there is and the earth through earth volcanic eruption, earthquakes tries to shake this darkness off by causing a disturbance in the area where it is most dark.) “Well said. In times of disaster and human peril we all become brothers and sisters again. Hate and greed do not seem as important when your life is on the line.” (a: The earth is coming perilously close to that which has happened before, that level of destruction.) “ Notice in your own area wherever you are that there will be change. Whether it is unusual growth, unusual heat or destruction by fire or water, we see a rolling pattern, an overwhelming pattern of negative change. We see destruction beyond belief, but there will be light. Persevere.”



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