August 20, 2016

     “Inside and outside there is much going on with human bodies. Stress is obvious, but also there is much adjusting to new energies. This is fairly obvious to those who have attuned themselves to higher listening. This might be called the beginning and practicing change with adjustment. It is a useful step to take things one at a time or in seeing or sensing change to concentrate on the present. Looking ahead only brightens ideas or views of what is happening.’


  1. Many signs not visible on earth.

     “We have increased, as you saw, the blinking emergency notice. By emergency we mean that the time to record is immediate. That is why the light blinked several times and quicker than usual.

     It is time to speed up the message taking and the message giving. We see many signs in the sky that are not visible on earth – at least not yet. These signs are sometimes colors and sometimes mixtures of Light. Of course there are hidden codes, but just viewing them is an indication that something is going on. By that we mean something different, something moving, and something with intent. Once the intent is set it cannot be stopped for it is sheltered by God’s Will.”


  1. What is around you?

     “This is the signal we will give of a much more intent blinking of the light so that you will know to speed up and for all it will indicate a firm movement. We see many tragedies on earth and the earth being burned or filled with water in some areas. We come at this moment to sketch a New Beginning which has been talked about for some time. To hear about it and to see its beginning is, of course, two very different starting points. The quietness you sense is usually ignored or it is noticed and then forgotten. Do not give up on sensing and looking to see what you can feel. It has been a long, long road of words to set the stage. This will continue, but in a format of watching a quick picture on a screen arriving and disappearing. Your time of more work related actions will begin. This can be overwhelming, but can be handled with intent.

     To those who read these words we say, firstly, Be Aware. Whether it is sensing or observing or feeling, Begin To Shift Into A More Conscious Awareness of what is around you. Do not try to discover the meaning of all the signs you see. Observe and remember. That is all for now.”


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