AUGUST 23, 2016
  Marcia with Adriane

   “Adriane, we are now assembled. We do take time to do so in different formats – circle or vertical form. We have planned ahead for this meeting as we will do each week. This may eliminate the length of time that was needed on the last message. This is our Step Two you might call it. We title the other message obviously being Step One, and so we begin.

   Many, many times there have been warnings and information given that others could not see. The reason we state that or renew the knowing of it is to make sure that it is known that this message is different, which you will see. We are aware that other Light Workers are extremely weary and scan what they read but do not dwell on it or take it inwardly for consideration. So, with that word entrance and alertness we begin this section.

   Sounds have been heard continuously by many and Marcia is one of those. It is not bothersome and is just a part of her life. Others have had the same exposure, but have reacted in a negative way. We bring to the attention of those who read for it is time to pay very close attention. As we proceed you, Adriane, will begin to see we mean clearly, we see what is coming. Others may sense it from our presentation and still others who just will not get it. THE STORM WILL COME.   THE SOUNDS WILL BE HEARD, THE EARTH WILL SHAKE AND THERE WILL BE CONFUSION ALL AROUND.”

   This is not a one by one movement. It will appear to be all at once though technically those who can, will see it in stages, one after another. Still it will seem to be an OVERWHELMING BLAST OF MOVEMENT AND SOUND. It is important to realize that there are many already sensing this. (Watch Marcia’s mind fly.) It is best to try, when possible, to communicate for further directions.   THE IMPACT OF THIS CHANGE IS MAMMOTH AND IT WILL SEEM AT THAT MOMENT THAT ENEMIES ALL HAVE VARYING DEGREES OF THE SAME FEAR. REMAINING SEPARATE WILL HELP THOUGH IT WOULD APPEAR THAT HAVING COMPANY WOULD BE SOOTHING. THOUGH HELP IS NECESSARY, TO LOOK FOR ‘COMPANY’ WILL INCREASE THE INTENSITY OF FEAR. These are blunt words and as you know, waiting for signals in the past has not always met with success. It is a time for support, but it is also a time for individual strength and nothing can change that.

   We see ahead as we talk and sadly we see turmoil. It will take patience to calm the body and the soul. Look first for attitude change, for quietness and for a different look to nature. Some have become aware of this on a daily basis. Do not let that lull you into casualness. Do you hear anything at this moment? (a: Background static like ringing in your ears, but more static.) (m: I feel or sense what is like a thin blanket of sound, like hearing emptiness.) (a: A high pitch electrical static like a high pitch ringing in your ear, a feeling over the right side of my head. It feels like it is coming from the back of my head between my two ears.) Multiply what you are hearing many times over the original sound and you will see how confusing it will feel. Adriane, as you hear, you can easily manifest the words. They may not come to you as words, but once you ‘tune in’ to that section of your brain, it will be a teacher standing there giving you information. Yes, Marcia, you have experienced this but are just now aware you can hear sentences and guidance.

   (a: I hear vibration, energy and light, one understanding all together before I put it into English. It comes in as a thought, like seeing an apple, tasting an apple, holding an apple, seeing an apple on the tree, smelling an apple, the whole history of what an apple can be and then I become the apple with a global understanding of everything an apple can be before I put it into English.)

   (a: A statement to the Celestial Leader. People are not hearing the Sounds. Their ears cannot hear it, but they are feeling a vibration in their bodies and it makes them feel a heaviness, weighing down on them like they are being squeezed. It is like telling them to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, it cannot be done. It is better to warn about the Silent Sound wave that is felt in the body.) “I will take this under advisement. We thought that it was much more evident.” (a: It is more evident in causing pressure in the body and the pressure of the Sound is causing nature to react. In my area the leaves are already falling, coming down, and have a paleness in the usual green color, acting stressed. They can feel the vibration and pressures.)

   “Your observation is accurate. It is spreading and others will begin to observe changes. We will observe the sound and consider its increase. We thank you for the insight. We go now and consider this a giant step forward especially with the flow of words and placement. We go”




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