August 26, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We were wondering if we would receive a call and we smile at the description of the sound both of you are hearing.”

     (m: Adriane is hearing a vibration of metal in the wind like an antenna vibrating. The sound cycle starting lower and goes higher in a pattern that repeats. I hear what sounds like a frog making bubbles.)

     “We did not expect to have a reaction of humor but it seems to work.” (a: What is it telling us?) “I believe the best explanation is that RAYS OF SOUND ARE COMING DOWN AT DIFFERENT SPEEDS AND LANDING OR MANIFESTING WITH INDIVIDUAL SONGS OR THROUGH THE PHONE.” (m: Is the Sound showing a landing?) THE SOUND IS BOUNCING LIGHT. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE HEAING.” (m: Is that why my dogs are staring at me?) “Yes and no, it is bouncing, that is what they see but they are intrigued by the sound. It mesmerizes them. Adriane, now that you have experienced the moving Light, watch how your pet responds.”(a: Right now she is otherwise occupied. (m: Why do I feel as if I’m on the verge of laughing? It seems like I could laugh at anything right now.) (a: It is humor in the emotional body.) “I am sure that you both will be feeling and seeing some very unusual sights. It will be interesting to hear your experiences.”



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