August 27, 2016

   “The jolt you felt (Aug. 26, 2016) was a small sample of things to come. The loudness only heard by you and your dogs indicated a controlled hit. This is amazing when you think of it. When several or many of these come at the same time, it will take a sense of endurance to acclimate to it. Think then of various Lights hitting at the same time. You can see they will have a profound effect. These Lights that are entering the earth will change the earth in unseen ways as well as obvious ways. The earth has been starving in some ways as well as obvious ways, and its inhabitants, both animals and people have been leaving at a fast pace. This has not been of their own choosing. Carelessness and cruelty and lack of appreciation for animals has had a much more profound effect than most people realize. Respect that was present at one time has faded away.

   WE ARE CREATING NEW EARTH. WE ARE SAVING HER FROM BEING DESTROYED. WE WILL NOT LET THIS JEWEL BE BROKEN OR SMASHED INTO LITTLE PIECES. There will be better understanding ‘down the road’, but there are many pieces to reach this point. Little by little attitudes will change and there will be many glorious new ways of living and understanding earth, for you will no longer be in 3rd Dimension. You will have moved to the 5th Dimension. Be Patient. Tomorrow, from one of your terms, THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Adieu.”



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