August 28, 2016

   “We need to send this message for current actions. We will begin to move forward in directions. We are aware that our words have been repetitive and yet we feel it has had to be repeated. We now move on to more current events. In the evening there is not what you can see which is like a warning or sign. Yet we say that observing it may show some signs of changing coming.

   The sounds, as you know, have seemed to be very high and faint. This is true in one sense, but it is also indicative of a closer range to earth. It is not something that can be used as a guideline, but it is something to be aware of as far as the number of times heard. This will give you some idea of nearness and strength. As energy increases you have seen that pets become over active and this is an indication of the Sound’s Energy Boosting Their Energy Level. Children also may be hyper active without any obvious reason. There may be for people a feeling of up and down energy within the body. Observe the feeling of tiredness yet active feelings also. This is, as we think you have already surmised, the time for faster movement and start when a light signal is being flashed. Be aware that this does not mean any particular length of the messages, but they should be written quickly. We will flash the light or signal you in some way and as you do, start the writing immediately. We will continue later.



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