September 3, 2016

   “Among the thousands of words presented there are codes given as a hint, but it has not been given in full form. We understand the frustration and weariness as people try to keep up, meaning, concentration that guides thoughts into inner knowing. The pattern of writing and listening is changing little by little. We may have to send it much quicker or simplify what is to be written. We have not reached that stage yet. Some words may need to be deciphered. The present need for sleep has shortened and we may come at unexpected times. You will have to make a decision as to how to adjust to these changes, the increase in energy you are feeling, a surprising acclimation after many levels before. Take a pause.

   Circles are not often thought of but there are small circles that will seem like bubbles that are to come down to earth. They will not be seen but it will still have an effect of surrounding energy. There will be no time to handle all these changes by thinking time to come to some conclusions. Simply observe or listen and later give thought for you will need all of your mental capabilities to handle newness. THE CROWN WILL BE THERE. That sentence is not to be explained. We go for now.”


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