September 4, 2016

   “You have seen preparation guidance given that covers the coming change. We know of the many who are weary and ‘hanging on’ by a thread. There are those who have just slowly moved further and further away, some for good, as you say on earth, when actually it is the worst choice for ‘good’. All of this is a slow process with many disappointments. Yet, when you see the Majesty of the Heavens, the waiting time will fade from memory. This is not to say that the long time, the wait won’t be remembered , but it will be more obvious as something that had to be step by step.

   Listen to the Sounds has been said many times. Those with higher hearing are aware that your range of hearing has been extended. It is a natural process of extension. The world is a little crazy. This is obvious with unbelievable horrors. There seems to be no bounds as to the continuing of strife. We say that the quick changes coming will be one of challenge, but remember It Is A Quick Hearing Followed By The Light.

   Now hear this: Concentrate on SELF. Those with families must extend their care but the SELF must be carefully protected.”



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