September 6, 2016

     “We will continue forward to newer happenings. Some will seem easy to understand while others will take thought. If you do not understand and we direct this also to readers, move on and do not dwell on the unknown. It may come to you at a later time or even in a dream.

     The tides move swiftly and that is where we are, a fast moving time which may seem strange, perhaps unnoticed but definitely moving. Those who sense things of the Sky or things in the air or even around plants may begin to see an opening of something different, what may not be known but a very strong but quiet difference. Stop and listen and/or stop and feel. Quietness will probably be the first thing that comes to your attention. Don’t rush expectation, simply be in the moment. You may be perceiving, but not be aware until a later time. Colors need to be reviewed and access easily available. There will be bright clouds in the Sky, a not so unusual sight to see, but look and see around the clouds. THE DOORS ARE OPENING. Little by little the Light will show. Remember what has been said before, protect your eyes.

     We come with small bits of information, but it will grow. When you see or hear growing bits of unusual things or sound, be more alert than usual. They may be codes in the Sky. Things are changing in such a way that there will be differences in what you feel. This will trigger an instinctive covering or hiding mentally in people’s mind. Some will wonder aloud while others pretend not to notice. Be aware with the knowing that much will not be understood and this may be frightening, especially to those who have previously turned away. Do not try to decipher – simply observe and when there is quiet time, then review. The time for Quick Messages is upon us.”



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