September 6, 2016
    Marcia with Adriane

     “We’re here. We admire your tenacity. You will find what you are looking for and now we speak. (Lost book.)

     Having a scheduled time to talk with you is very helpful. We can more easily follow a pattern of thought and so we have jumped forward and this is very pleasing to us. Adriane, this involves knowing on your part, perhaps knowing from long ago. It will be like yesterday once you have the pattern of what we are referring to and so we begin a different way.

     Tangled corners – fire fly. The slowest of the information is deliberate. Blue – Violet – Tangerine and Chartreuse. We circle these codes with a metallic line. Once the circle is connected it cannot be removed. Think back to ancient times.   Now we progress in a different way. Adriane, this may be more familiar. Circles of Light, each a different level, each connected, but not connected in sight, heavenly bound for guidance. Now they have arrived and you, Adriane, will feel more at home. Look, if you choose, to that which is on the right of the Center Light. Observe and remember either now or later.

     We move forward to areas hidden, but strongly ever in place. It is quiet there, for you may see what has been hidden and will know the purpose of your entrance to this area. We do not need to tell the sacredness of this area for you know the surroundings and the hidden codes that allow for known seeing. Walk carefully, not you may think, needs to be told, but we say to all who are in this place –   BE CAREFUL. Silence is acknowledgement and we see, Marcia, that you also know this.

     Now, Adriane, we proceed with steps for you to do. Take a long celestial breath and bring it within your being. Let it settle, and then, of its own accord, without guidance, give permission for it to spread within you. We pause.   Now we proceed. This is a puzzle and few know how to put it together. Once it has been ‘cured’ it will manifest at will under supervision. This does not mean always, but a guided feeling at first and then an automatic response. As you know, Adriane, this is rare, this is sacred, this is beyond knowing except for a few. We do not need to tell you to honor this for you know this is beyond. We do not need to tell you to honor this for you know this guidance would not have been given if the complete and total reverence was not given. Slowly we move to another phase. That which you have not had told to you will come and you know that. Readers should not be frustrated for even the knowing of this existence is a gift.

     We see on earth that there is an incredible mess of thoughts and actions. It is far more severe than what we imagined. People wait. Those with knowing wait and it seems forever that movement forward is happening. KNOW THIS – MUCH IS HAPPENING BUT IT IS NOT SEEN. Faith must be used at this time.

     We would like to finish with these words. Coming can mean a short or long time. It is a frustrating word. We know and bless those who are leaning on their faith. Remember this – we are here to spread knowing, to send thoughts which can lead to further knowledge. It is a frustrating step for it is for all and for those in that category, be patient and ready to move forward though this knowledge is not for you.

     Speak the peace. Speak, Adriane, for that which you are guided to give. It may take a different message to be added by you at a later time, but linked to this particular message from the Sacred Place. We leave You with much to think on.



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