September 14, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here for Adriane and you to fulfill a planned section of information. This process is different, but the messages are linked like a pattern. This message today involves secret codes. Some you may know, Adriane, but others have been hidden until this time. We will guide you to or toward understanding. This may seem frustrating in its slow presentation, but it will be understood.

     First, the body has to work quickly in difficult situations. This is for that type of situation. The eye sees much more than is transferred to the brain. You, Adriane, will probably see or understand with the help of your third eye. Marcia, we think that you will sense it first like seeing a different pathway. The intensity of the movement of energy is profound. Those who do not know this have a strong reaction that is uncomfortable to say the least.

     Adriane, we ask you to open your third eye unless it is already open. Look out and see a Cloud of DARK BlUE like a HEAVY RAIN CLOUD. Around the cloud, put, see a RING of GOLD and make sure that this Ring is strongly attached. Place a CONE of YELLOW at the top of the BlUE so that it punctures or goes into the BLUE CLOUD. Once you have attached them, then carefully move the cloud with what would be a Puff or Light Push. Watch as it floats. See any changes and remember them. You have now created a Type of Floating Ship. This does not mean it involves entities within the ship, but it is described as a ship and how it moves.

     Now the 10th one – #10 we call it. The same procedure is taken and this time the Puncture Creates An Orange Code within. This Code is part of the Cone. Now as this procedure becomes comfortable it is a step forward to then look ahead and see where it has headed and if the colors have changed. Just note the colors, but do not let any interference affect the flight. (a: What is its purpose?) We think this is as a settling mode. It is sent when there are no encouraging words with the other support. As you progress with knowledge you will be able to bring forth certain colors and can then create what is needed below. I TELL YOU THIS – WHITE IS NOT TO BE USED.   Go Within. Turn Inside Out, All Inside Of You And You Are All That Is Left. You are that I AM THAT I AM. (a: I will create at a level I exist at. It will be unless I un-create, make it be and it will become real.) “ I am One of the Seven and we are all one. I can’t see or feel what Adriane is. The 3rd Eye looks out through 6 of the plains. The 7th eye turns inward.”   (m: What is your need to be forward ?)
     Stone.   We are 3.”


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