(Originally September 13. 2016)
     Marcia     By Adriane

     “The Best Advice I can you is this: Every physical life we live, we live for a reason. We come in with an agenda. There is always something we want to work on, to improve, something that may be holding us back from being all we want to be. What we choose to work on varies, but it will always be something that when conquered will lead us to a higher spiritual vibration of more light. It is always something that in former lives held us back, so we do not necessarily look to this life for its cause.

     The cause of what we choose to work on is always a flaw within our self, and it was not caused by others, but its roots come from wrongful thinking or action from within our own psyche. It is up to us to wrestle with it until we can pin it down and conquer it, to overcome it by rising above it, by looking at the situation from an objective point of view. When we see how it is blocking our progress we then can be more motivated to change our thoughts, our actions, and not give in to that lower vibration.

     Anger is something that many here at this time are working on. Just look at the news to see how many just pander to their knee jerk lower vibration. Eventually many will see the futility of the violence, angry words, etc. etc. etc. We eventually see how harmful the anger is to us, what it does to our spirit, light, and vibration …how it lowers us. It is one of the last things to conquer because it is linked to our animalistic survival instincts. That is why there are so many triggers and the reasons are intwined. One may fear losing a mate and that triggers the animalistic anger to fight something to win the mate. One may fear losing social or job position and that triggers animal anger to fight for our position in the pack.

     Anger is an animalistic emotion not a spiritual one. In our world of duality we are a spiritual being in an animal’s body (no matter how intelligent the mind is it is an animal’s body.) One of our objectives in duality is to balance our spiritual mind intelligence with our bodies’ animalistic survival intelligence. Yes, the body also has a genetic encoded intelligence too, but we do not always have to listen to it or give in to it. If we can learn to rise above that first trigger, to recognize it, take a deep breath and see it for what it is …our animal body genetics are reacting to our situation in fear of losing something – food, mate, social pack position. Yes, even humans have alpha and beta positions within our social structure too. Our bodies’ animalistic lust is another one of the last balances that can hold us back spiritually, but that is a discussion for another time. So basically, if you look at the news from this new prospective you are seeing people reacting and trying to overcome these three last obstacles to ascension – fear,anger, lust. We on Earth have separated fear and its reactional anger as separate, but in reality there are two sides of the same coin of the survival instinct.



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