September 18, 2016

     “Many words have been used as preparation for the long awaited change. Many people have become weary or have been caught up in the turmoil that is on earth. There seems to be no end in sight or sighting of the Beginning. Actually, Beginning has begun and the journey has already been long. At the general time that alertness should be present, we find dismay and disbelief. This will not change until it is the moment that has been chosen for the LIGHT Of GOD to shine. Like a long hike, the last part of the climb is the most difficult. You must, individually, lean on your own strength as emphasized before. So we come this time with additional steps.

     Colors will become important as they are the codes that are involved in the new creation. This is not new, but knowing the general codes or meanings will be like Guidance speaking. It will be confusing enough to experience the change. Guide lines will help. Watch the temperature and drink water if you feel you are becoming overheated. Proceed, Persevere, and Plant the thought in your mind that you will succeed in this challenging time. Listen: A guideline for those who have the ears that will hear.     Peace. We go.”



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