September 20, 2016
    Marcia with Adriane

     To: Adriane   Question: Do you see our planet?

     (a: I see the Universe. It has many planets and many dimensions.)

     Q: Do you feel comfortable with our energy?

     (a: It depends on what work is being discussed. I’m comfortable with everyone’s energy actually, but there are times when I become uncomfortable when they ask me to do things, they don’t realize what they are asking and what I’m capable of doing.)

     Q: Does Marcia have these abilities? (a: Some but not all. She cannot create yet, but all created beings are capable of doing what I can do. They all learn eventually. Anyone with a Soul and Light. Everything created by God has that Light.) 

     “We will proceed now for with our quick research and your answers we are now beginning on a new path. The goal is the same but they are different. The BLUE LIGHT WE LIVE WITH. IT IS OUR SIGNAL, OUR CREST. We are many and our goal is to shine our Light within the Earth frame. You will understand, as will others, the steps we are creating for easier advancement of the Blue Light. I begin again a new step forward. I have the meanings now of the route I am to guide you on. It has been ordained.

     Marcia, your love of Colors will also be brought into the picture. Creation of Color will be your path. This will lead to differences and newness and be distributed and used by you both. I see Purple, You see Purple. Together, meaning the two of you, there will be New Created Purple and its purpose will be known later.

     We would like to thank you, Adriane, for your patience and guidance. It has been helpful and has advanced our purpose. That is all we have to say on this new road except that this path had to be found. I go with other Beings and we are joyful and So It Is.


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