September 21, 2016
    Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here. This will be somewhat different. We are aware of the work that is required and see how it has advanced. We have no concerns, but if there is a misplacement we are sure it will be caught. Adriane, we are moving forward much faster after you led us through your questions. We have had time to rearrange our agenda. You will be surprised and pleased at the patterns that we have ready to be given. Now we ask for an open door, meaning a door already open that you can see through. This will be a pattern that gives a path. On this path will be many surprises. Most will be known by you, but there may be new thought or patterns that will give you a springboard to a faster, further step forward. As you move to the higher plains you will feel very much at home. You may feel an enlightened body, but we know your skills. Do you have any question on this part? (a: No.) We then proceed forward even as I speak.

     Go through the door to the right of the moon. Continue at a steady pace and move forward to where you lead us. Give us a signal, word, or direction as to how we proceed or steps we should take.” (a: These words – GROUP MESSIAH, DESCENT OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.) Please explain.) We have hesitated for a purpose. We are advancing much faster and are pleased that as a result we see many doors opening. There is a shimmer of Light that is following these steps. We will take the words as stepping stones. We are moving much faster than expected. Please be patient with us as we make a few minor adjustments. Your words are well chosen. What aspect of Group are you searching? (a: Humanity on Earth Group Messiah – Descent Of Christ Consciousness.) “Explain.” (a: How all of Humanity can become like Jesus was as he walked on earth. You can include the Masters when speaking of the facilitation of Christ consciousness on Earth.) “This would take eons of time for it has seldom been a fast moving celestial step. We feel it would flow to consider ‘the now’ and then the further steps. What say you?” (a: The Now includes the Masters who are here on earth to facilitate this happening – the descent of the Christ Consciousness Messiah.)

      “Each advanced Being on earth now has brought forward the Light which is waiting for the time to advance. These Beings are aware but not yet at full knowing. As you know, this will be like opening the door. It will not take time or guidance for the guidance is already there. To explain further, they do not have to walk through the door. When the time is right, the door will be either felt or seen or both. At that time there will be an immediate at home feeling. There will be steps taken that will surprise for it will be as if it has always been there and in truth it has. Not all of the Light Ones will appear at the same time.” (a: I was speaking of the Perfect Masters who do all appear at the same time to facilitate the descent.”

     “We may not be aware of the number and are changing our assumption of arrival to include, as you said, all Perfect Masters.” (a: I’m headed toward the information for the AGE OF THE AVATAR. The perfect Masters are the ones who facilitate the coming of that Age of the Avatar by facilitating the Descent Of The Christ Consciousness.) “We have widened our path.” (a: Avatar is not a person, it’s a FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The Messiah IS THE SAME THING AS AN AVATAR. They’re in contact with that Field of Consciousness – the CHRIST or COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. People here on earth have totally misunderstood what Jesus was. That’s why he said “AS I HAVE DONE, YOU MAY ALSO DO.”

     “We have covered much territory. We have created, as you heard, a pathway which goes forward, but also descends for your ears. We are ready at your moment chosen to give one more step. On the path you will find you can move much faster. It has been especially created for you. We know you do not need a path, however, we have not experienced what is to come and we now have an avenue that will be outside the turmoil that may be felt.”

     (a: There is the physical thing again. The reference of building things or going places needs to stop in order for the new information to flow correctly.) “We hear you and will take note. The path will not be destroyed but we will follow your guidance. We will be speaking of things not of the world or creation. We will be speaking of the Source and the Field of Consciousness at the Soul level. These things exist outside of creation, they exist in the LIGHT OF GOD. We will surround you with Light. We go with knowledge and look forward to the next step. Blessed Be.”


     (a: The Sanskrit word Avatar (or Avatara) literally means descent. It refers to the Descent of Divinity from Heaven to Earth and is typically used to describe an Incarnation of God.     The Messianic Age is not brought about by a Master or any person. It is brought about by God. The Messianic Age is a TRANSFORMATION OF HUMANITIES CONSCIOUSNESS BROUGHT ABOUT THROUGH THE CHRISTOS LIGHT AS A DESCENT OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS TO EARTH.


     (Note: John 14:12 – “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works I do shall he do also and greater …….”)




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