September 27, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “There has been a change in receiving. If at all possible we would like to add an additional time that would be shorter than the present ones. Things are speeding up as has been said and there are times we would like a short, quick connection. Yes, Marcia, those are ships overhead. Remember not to stare and protect your eyes.” (a: Why?) It is not the ship itself, it is what is in the vicinity of the ship. (a: Meaning what?) Meaning clusters of energy. These energies are not so visible which is why protection is needed.

     We would like to advise you, Adriane, on some specific points, some to come and some that are here. These points are new – not previously known. The clouds are not regular clouds, even those surrounding the ships. They also have energies not previously known to earth so you can see why eye protection is needed. (a: If someone is a 5th dimensional being, would they also need to protect their eyes?) Yes, the answer may surprise you, but these are combinations that have been created with power. (a: There are many here who are higher than 5th dimensional. I am assuming these energies would be equivalent to something radioactive in the 3rd dimension – in other words – harmful to all.) We mean no harm, there is a speck or two.

     Again we say, there is no harm from that aspect, but there is harm with direct looking. (a: So it is a Light Wave?) The answer is yes. (a: So what that means is that the ships are emitting a LIGHT WAVE that cannot be seen by the physical eye and therefore should not be stared at. Does this mean you do not want to be seen yet?) You have perceptive questions. The answer is we only prefer, at this time, being seen by those who can sense us. (a: Whose Ships are these?) We have Pleiades and those unknown. (a: Federation? Which one?) (m: I heard 6th and then I saw a large circle being drawn.) (a: Is that the Galactic Federation?) Yes.

     (a: There was a vibration in Marcia’s voice that came through to me when they said We Mean No Harm – almost like the Grays that work with the other Pleiades.)

     “Would you, Adriane, like us to speak with you? (a: That would be fine, that is why we are here. ) (m: I will shift to their cadence.) (a: I’ve been on their ships before. “Adriane, we have eons of no communication and we are delighted to speak to you. This, of course, has been ok’d with the previous Light Beings who began this message. Coming has been heard so many times and in truth each time it is spoken, we have been moving a long distance. We see unbelievable signs of turmoil. We had been told but had no conception of the mammoth and massive dismaying turmoil. We have had to make some adjustments in our arrival with the Light that has the path to speak through and to you and the Scribe.   Here is what I do you honor and say what I have never said before. That is ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW AND I WILL ANSWER.”

     (a: Why are the ships here?) We are over seers. What that means is we come to observe at close range and make steps forward based on what we see. This may be mechanical changes, Light changes and a profoundly sacred use of Colors. These are being handled even as I speak. It is a process that takes extreme care. It is sacred in every step taken.”

     (a: Are you able to do anything about the world wide negative propaganda?) “This is a difficult thing to do. It is enmeshed with darkness. As you know, it is deliberate and each word surrounded by the Dark. We follow it closely, but at this point we must let it go forward.”

     (a: It is deliberate interference with free will which is forbidden.  “We understand and we share your concern. Hear this: it is being followed so there must be on earth the desire and will to fight the process which is becoming more and more evident. It will not be destroyed, but it will be stopped. This may sound like a contradiction, but where there is Darkness, there is Light.”


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