October 1, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “The delay will not interfere with the flow and publishing of the messages. If we can borrow a few moments of your time, Adriane, we can give a few words now and later today and we understand when there are virus concerns on computers and Marcia, it is deliberate.

     We are seeing undo problems, meaning unexpected problems. Earth people are, to use an earth term, ‘freaking out’. There is so much turmoil and uneasiness that much energy is taken to hide it. This, of course affects the body and others and particularly children who sense a wrongness, but have no idea what it is and cannot verbalize it. The earth will tremble. It is releasing large balls of energy. We use the word balls deliberately because that is its form. You would be surprised, perhaps awed, at the sight of it. You may think it should release in long lines or even short lines, but the strange look of these releases have a circular reason to dispatch small irritating combined energies not seen, but capable of much mischief.

     We have spoken in the past of speed and you may already sense that it is here, not in the future, not coming, but here. (a: What do you mean by Speed?) “By speed we mean it is now encompassing life, encompassing Earth and actions in earth.” (a: What is it?) That is a good question, as usual. It is the totality of energies created to descend to earth and to spread through earth. It is somewhat like rain with a huge difference. It is controlled energy sent to earth, but a step of out of control energy. Let me hasten to say that out of control does not apply to our handling of what was originally sent. The people and their energies have affected, like pushing the carefully created energies. It is that carefulness that keeps the speed from being out of control. We want you and others who understand or can understand to have information during this time.”

     (a: Since you know how the Earth people are reacting to the energy and changing it, what steps are being taken on your part to change the outcome?) “It may surprise you and others that this possibility could happen and we made sure that the speed could only reach certain parameters. Your role, your important world needs to include awareness of change which is why we have asked for more of your time. You are, and also the Scribe, able to adjust, but with you both, you like to know what is going on.  This is why we have great respect for your questions. This will also lead the readers to better understanding for we have their thought patterns and are pleased at their validity.” (a: Why is the discord so specific to social interaction and religious beliefs?) “What other categories have you expected?” (a: I didn’t expect discord, I expected the opposite reaction.) “So did we.” (a: Maybe Earth people are reverse polarity.)

     “Earth people come with many levels of interest, growth and celestial knowing.” (m: What I saw was a ladder and people at different stages.)

     “They come into the world, the Earth World, at pre-determined levels on the Ladder of Learning. They then either climb or stay at the level they came with. This may be commonly known, but seeing them off the ladder and on the earth gives different pictures, for some will be good actors and present more than they are. Others find it comfortable at their level and let the learning proceed at what you would call a slow rate and add to their being though with not enough desire to actually move upward.

     (a: My concern was regarding their earth vessels, their earth bodies and how they react to the new energies. I have experienced many earth vessels of negative polarity.   If the created energies did not take polarity into consideration, that could be the problem. Not all earth bodies are the same polarity. That may be why you are seeing the opposite reaction than expected.) “That is an excellent explanation as we now see it. Thank you.   We will need a time to talk. We are very pleased with the ongoing enlightening knowledge.”


     “This will be a very different interesting informative message. It may not be totally understood, but it will be unusual. Adriane, we would like for you to follow these steps and you will see or hear the reason why. First think of a single color. Do not say it yet. Marcia, you jumped and we see you already planned your color. Now, we take another step. There is a circle. Make it any size you want and put your chosen color inside the circle. Now on top of the circle place a wand. Each of you may have different concepts of a wand, but it’s close enough. Now mentally take your individual wand and extend it until they touch the other wand.”

     (a: My wand looks like a scepter and has a gem on the end of it.) (m: Mine is a plain wooden stick that went forward and then reached upward and forward. I don’t see the gem, but I think I found the spot. The ‘stick’ is angled up to it. It’s not touching, but the tip of it is directly in line with the gem as if I’m getting energy from it. I just barely touched it with my wand and then it moved over Adriane’s head. I’m attached to the energy. I don’t see it but it’s there, invisible. Now my wand is straight.) (a: Move your arm in a circular direction.) I am raising my right arm up, holding the wand and moving in a circular direction in slow motion.) (a: Higher Up. Stay a centimeter away (from Adriane’s wand to the right.) Turn left a line space below.( Not supposed to look at Adriane’s wand.) Yellow is touching your toes.) (m: The yellow curved around my feet. I felt a tingling in my toes.) (“You have Light at your feet and Light above your head. Be grateful for the combination of colors.” (m: I lowered my hand and wand next to my heart.) “ Blessed be, it shall be.” (m: I felt a heaviness in all my toes. “And So It Is. Descend, now take a deep breath and watch or listen to what Adriane saw.”

     (a: As your wand got close to my wand I asked you if it looked the same. The energy was changing your wand. It was crystalizing it so the energy could pass through it in a clearer form. It became a conduit for the Light. It made it easier for the Light at the tip of the gem of my scepter to pass through it. It went from the wand down your arm to your heart. Then the color Pink, unconditional love, went down grounded to the spiritual gem of Gaia of Earth. That’s when they said you have yellow around your feet and that is when I saw the cord from the feet to the gem in the Center of the Earth. It is a Spiritual gem full of spiritual energy and

     I attached you to it.) (m: What is my next step?) (a: Settle in, get used to it. There is still one more step I have to do. It will complete a circuit for the energy. It will totally raise your kundalini and raise it out of your body completing a spiritual circuit.  There is unconditional love in the upper

     Heart chakra. You may not be able to use it yet, but it will come to you when you are able to use it. Eventually with time and experience you will be able to do this for someone else. Unconditional Love – something you give. You’ll be able to feel unconditional love for everybody. When you’re ready it will be there.  Become God realized and grow in order to give it to someone else. It is infinite – you can’t give all of it away, it can only flow through you.) “We will continue at the next session. It was a wonderful scene to see the colors. They are still shining. We go for now.”


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