October 4, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane     

     “We apologize for the wait. There is much happening at this moment. We see the turmoil and hesitate to say what is truth and that is it will get worse. That is why you had a warning from Sandalphon. We were caught in an immediate need and had to produce a barrier for this message. Now that it is in place we can begin.

     Some ancient happenings have been forgotten and have become puzzles, either for their location or the energies around them. Stonehenge is an example. It is obvious it has survived and yet it is a mystery. (a: It is a Sound Amplifier.) “We were aware of that with perhaps different words. We know of your interest in Egypt and their pyramids. We also know the interest in the Sphinx. Marcia, your surmising on our present activity is extremely accurate – the Hidden Secrets of the Sphinx. There are steps being taken even as I speak. (m: I saw a huge tubular ring – powerful – turning backwards, but it is staying in place. It is Gigantic. (a: Anything in the middle?) (m: No, but it’s now rising. The Ring of Entities is standing very still. The circle from right to left moves very slowly. The groups are absolutely still. I’m hesitating, it is hard to see and someone says proceed. It’s mesmerizing. (a: Don’t get mesmerized.) (m: It’s rising and I’m getting chills. It’s turning so it is flat over all who stand there.) “This was expected and is why they were so still.” (m: Though I just see the Ring, there is something very, almost intimidating, but it is commanding respect with no words. Now (more chills) it’s expanding and very, very slowly. There is not a sound or movement. It is spreading way pass the circle. I feel if I was not writing that I would be standing also very, very still. There is a blanket of Oneness, Respect, and Great, Great Care in no motion. I again am getting chills, lots of chills. No one has moved since it appeared. The silence is powerfully present. The Ring has moved out of sight and the space within it is being felt. Incredibly, there is still no motion, and even as I write, I find myself being very, very still.) I heard two words: HEAVENLY AND SACRED.) “We are surrounded with it and it has never happened this way before.” (m: The Ring itself is out of sight, but the energy is mammoth. It is still totally quiet without any motion. I am carefully waiting to see what is their next step and mine as I feel as if I am there. I believe we are waiting for a signal that can only be given by the leader. I feel very emotional. I heard the words “We Ascend.” (I feel we are truly moving upwards – still no sound and no movement.) “The Ring cannot be measured as it continues to spread. It cannot be seen as it grows. (m: There is an incredible sense of calmness that seems to be within my body.) “We do not and cannot look at the Leader yet we are waiting for His Signal. (m: I hear BLESSED BE THE LORD. The Leader raises his arm and all say in unison BLESSED BE THE GOD WHO GIVES US LIFE and the Ring of Beings say “AND SO IT IS.” This is said softly and with an overpowering sense of Love. They are standing and I know without words it is time for me to go and I fade away, leaving no ripple of motion to disturb the absolute and Total Feeling Of Love. I heard from beyond “We Go Today.




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