October 5, 2016

     “We will make this short, but listen to the inner message. We see the Earth, portions of it, is about to be battered by the Wind. It must follow its course, but it has not been sent. We want to make that clear. Yes, there will be casualties, this cannot be avoided with such wind strength.

     There is a flowing line of adjustments coming. This has been spoken of many times to the point of it being dismissed and forgotten. Watch and say a prayer for those who leave and send prayerful thoughts to those who will be struggling to survive. Watch the mannerisms of those who cling to life and survive by sheer will power. You also will see unbelievable help and courage which results in lives being saved. They will be blessed.

     Now, to a short, different advisory. You have heard this before, but make sure you are alert to the words again and this is Be Calm, Be Calm, Be Calm. This does not mean to harden your heart or remove emotion, it is a direction – a clear direction as what to do. If by chance someone reads these words, it is also for them. The time, spoken of BEGINNING IN TIME HAS BEGUN.”




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