October 11, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are timing just right. There are many things to discuss and we have, in fact, discussed what to share. There is a blanket of darkness, yet unseen. It hovers and spreads its evil influence. The earth inhabitants are like aspects of pulling weight except it is so pervasive that not much difficulty is known. Perhaps this is not known, but the outer actions show a huge pull   of unrest. This may not be clear, but it is factual.

     Now we move forward and we see that our work in the sky has been noticed by a very few people. This is alright with us for the time will come where what is there cannot be missed. We surround ourselves with strong Light. It is necessary to do so. We would advise that you sense the energies that are manifesting presently. They are pervasive. We see, as said before, much discord and are dismayed by words thrown out and around that are by any measure negative. Adriane, we are perplexed with the undercurrents in the earth. Have you seen them?”

     (a: There is a negative undercurrent, but there is also an equal neutralizing force.) “Does it involve color?” (a: The negative forces, I don’t really see color, but there is a sense of dark grayness.) “We feel the validity of your sight, but for some unknown reason we do not see the actual totality. (a: That is what I see also. I can only feel it. It’s like the grayness is a cover.) “We see or understand now why we were not seeing deeper. One moment please.” (m: I saw a V – the point – facing right, traveling. Then a Capital T shape on either side. A vertical line crossed the T (behind the top line) , slipped a little, and then pushed a little and was back in place. The T then became upside down. It is very powerful, but doesn’t look very big.) “Put a ring around it. Adriane is to do it.” (m: I drew it and it has power even in the line that has been drawn. It has a Life of itself. I heard “Look within the T. My eyes immediately go to the attached vertical line. I see Light – 2 slanted lines, one on each side of the vertical T. It is difficult to look, see, describe and take notes. Adriane adds description which helps. Picture a V plus a line crossing the top. From each corner of the line on both sides angle it down touching the vertical line… leaving a short part below. A chalice?   It looks like a glass with half of the circle showing above the rim.   Very confusing.) (a: Why was there a request to do this today?) “It is challenging and you met the challenge. These are pieces of the underground circuit. You might think of it as pushing aside each space of gray. That is why, Marcia, you thought you were not following correctly. It was out of alignment. The purpose, and it is joyful, that there was space created to clear and fill with Light – a major accomplishment. We speak seldom, we connect seldom, we reach out seldom. It is your perseverance that plowed its way forward.” (m: I was doubting.) “We felt it. Now, Adriane, if you have a question we will reach to you for we are the UNDER EARTH PEOPLE.” (a: no.) (m: How far does this energy travel and why?) It is like a balloon in the Sky. The wind behind the balloon pushes forward and also upward. The unknown difference is that we have our energy surround it. With that protection we are able to center or balance earth energies. (m: Will the Under Earth People manifest above the earth?) “That is a good question – hard to answer. We come and go and go within unknown deep avenues. We are seldom seen and it is like a Flash Of Light. Yes, your backward slide down Mt. Shasta was stopped by a very strong Under Earth Person. You sensed a difference in that the ‘man’ was covered by a cap over his face. You noticed no other person (male) had a cap on.” (m: Thank him again for saving my life.) “We go if there are no further questions.” (a: Are you the one I used to meet in secret with in the cave?) “Yes.” (a: I thought so. It has been a long time.) Telos Under Earth – “We learned a lot from their communication and explanation. We are aware there are many quiet people who are listening and observing signs and sounds. The reason for the lesser numbers of Sound is because the energy we are using does not expand as well when there is Sound. This was a long session, but we all learned from it, and we can continue with our work. Blessed Be.


     Previous message received from a different group when there was a computer problem.           (3:57 a.m.)   (Sept. 26, 2016) Marcia

     “Late as it is, we see a perfect time to see a message flow through.

     The Doors of Knowledge are opening, some for the first time. No, it cannot be seen, but it may be felt. Remember to protect your eyes, but sensing a ‘doorway’, approach it with mental connection. A soft approach, for it is filled with sacred knowing and sometimes the energy will Light up its surroundings.”



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