October 12, 2016
   Marcia with Adriane                        “Discord On Earth”

   “It is understandable that there will be time of uneven times to communicate. Our goal is to make each one a step forward for understanding. It is not obvious that there is progress yet we have opened several doors.   We return to the subject of EGYPT. It is a cornerstone you might call it, a centering of energy. It is or should be obvious that it is a Center of Communication. This does not mean it is a widespread receiver, but that the information stored there is centered for easy access. There is much to be done before the opening occurs, but we are aware of its momentous power. Stretch your memory and you may have a stronger idea of the progress and process. We advance, too, on involvement in the opening of the doors. This involves the basics, but also there must be a surrounding protection. The Sphinx does not give up its protection easily. This is a Time Of Learning though it is slow and for the most part unseen. When Adriane is available we have further questions and instructions.”


  “I have a thought.” (a: Speak.) “I am here, what a lot of static in the air to wade through. I understood both languages you and Adriane spoke. Oddly, I am known for interpreting languages. (a: We don’t know what we said. (Marcia spoke also. It just comes forth.) “You welcomed me in a language not commonly known. Adriane spoke that is called an Angelic Tone. I speak now that I have dodged the arrows of energy. My name is lost in time, but Adriane, you may know it as I speak. I am told of the sadness and turmoil on earth. It is generally now known, that it is worse than we thought. It appears that it is still on that path. I come from afar, but I had the knowing that the time I had would match this time you have. Soldiers have hard countenances and it seems to be like iron. We have here, meaning where you are, a really difficult situation in its infancy.

     The words and feelings seem to be intensifying, a real sense of anger. Put these angers together and you have a major problem. When we see what is happening we are amazed at the speed of continual emotions that spread. Even those who would be called mild in their actions are stirring up in anger that appears to be out of control. We did not see this coming. I am told there is a change of plans and these plans are very much needed. I came to alert you to the fact that emotions we see on earth are like a burning pot. Of course you would ask what to do. Know that we are working at very high levels to adjust energies before there is real bloodshed. Adriane, do you know or sense this since your time with the Beings you spoke with previously?

   (a: The only thing I feel is underground movement of deceit. There is a movement of some kind that is going on that they are trying to hide. I do not feel it will come to bloodshed yet, but there is a real feeling of a possibility of real bloodshed soon.) “You are correct. We are really disturbed at the speed of possible disaster. That is why I spoke several times for I was not going to give up. We are rallying with intent to bring together quickly moving ideas.

     It is eye opening to get this close to earth and feel the discord. It is and these are my words, an ugly thing to observe, a sad thing and circles of Evil things. These words of mine will surprise some readers, but I think they will stop and perhaps look where before they turned their head. I must go soon. I have enjoyed the connection. Do you have any question before I go? (a: Are you in touch with those who will make the Sign in the Sky?) It has been sent to me and surrounded me in such a way that I was immediately aware of a heaviness in earth. I have the outline of possible steps and I have been invited to give my opinion. This communication has helped me understand and I will contribute what I can.” (a: We were trying to send them a message that it can’t happen soon enough.) “I salute you both in your connection and concern. Blessed Be. I will remember. Thank you.”


     First group arrives. We heard a word and were to say a color that came to mind – first Adriane, then Marcia.     We heard Brilliance.


A:       Copper         M:    SILVER
           GOLD                   YELLOW STONE
           JASPER               DARKEST BLUE
           RED                     PURPLE LIGHT
           As Foundation


     “My dear friends. I have wondered if there would be an opening with all the decision making being done. Your idea, Adriane, was excellent and an unusual foundation of ideas to build on. You may know who I am and then understand the color game you both instinctively played. I would add my color and I say Pumice. Yes, Sandstone is correct for it hides colors.” (There was a moment of silence.) “I have paused for the colors you gave are being combined. I particularly like this process for it comes quickly without previous thought. Adriane, do you see any of the colors? (a: I see women.) “What do they wear?” (a: They wear a crown – Aztec – East Indian – Egyptian.)

     “Excellent. They are here. They are REPRESENTATIVES.” (m: They seem to be organizing. They form a triangle and the Egyptian is at the top.) “They know of the two who love Egypt. They wear their crowns in order to show acceptance and openness to closed knowing. It is a gift of honoring your love for your times in the past. Your connection with Egypt has never been broken. It is in you. Go not backward in memory at this time for WE ARE HERE TO CELEBRATE AND HONOR THE OPENING OF HIDDEN SECRETS. Listen well.

     IN THE SPHINX THERE ARE ENTITIES UNKNOWN WHO ARE AS COMFORTABLE AS IF THEY WERE IN A HOME. THEY COME AND GO AT WILL, BUT ARE NOT SEEN. THEY WILL BE YOUR GUIDES AND YOU CAN TRUST THEIR KNOWING AND THEIR MEMORIES FOR THEY KNOW YOU BOTH. THIS IS WHY THEY HAD EVERY SENSE OF KNOWING THAT WHATEVER COLOR YOU CHOSE WOULD BE SOMETHING THEY COULD WORK WITH. THIS IS THE BEGINNING YOU SEE BEFORE YOU, THE CARETAKERS OF YEARS AND EONS OF WORK. IT’S A TRIANGLE AS THEY STAND. THEY EXTEND THEIR ARM UPWARD AND MARCIA REPLIED IN LIKE MANNER. SHE HAS KNOWN THEM BUT AT THIS TIME NOT IN THEIR CURRENT FORM. THIS IS FOR BOTH YOUR RE-INTRODUCTION TO THE SACRED KEEPERS OF THE TEMPLE. THEY HONOR YOU AS YOU HONOR THEM. THIS IS A MEETING TO STRIKE A CHORD UNSEEN AND UNHEARD, YET MANY IN THE HEAVENS ARE AWARE THE SPHINX IS RE-BORN AND SO IT IS.”   (M: They vanished but it is as if they are still there.) (a: There were so many of them inside the Sphinx. They were making symbols on the floor that would come together in the center and then move away slowly from each other as if they were pulling or unrolling a carpet, but there was nothing there. They were making it as they moved away. They did it many times and there were many symbols. Some looked like Mandalas. One I recognized. It was the Star of David. In the Sphinx I did see a triangle and then the first one of the first symbols formed. So many entities extended at a distance inside the Sphinx. It was huge so that I could not see the end. I saw three queens in the beginning.   I saw another face with a Crown Of Stars over her head …QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE, the MOTHER CREATER OF THE UNIVERSE.   There will be vistas to see ….a mystery school being open.)




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