October 15, 2016

     “I have your attention. I see you are deep in thought, but I now know how to get your attention.” (Magazine fell on the floor.) “The times move quickly, but for most it does not make the impact that we expected, and so, we move on.

     There is so much turmoil in the world as has been noted several times. The signal you saw in the Sky was hardly noticed and by a few, a moment of curiosity. In spite of this we move on for there are many steps to be taken. The colors must be reviewed, they will be needed.

     Listening to the Sounds indicates the very high tone is bringing continued awareness. So we see that the next question might be ‘what do I do now? Have you noticed your pets stay close to you? They sense something, but they don’t know what. For your information, they are very Thin Sounds, High Pitch and then reaches them as a thin line. They sense it is different. The Sounds will grow, but they will be far apart. Their speeds will be so fast it will seem like something flowing past. Concentrate on steadiness. This can come in many forms – physical, mental, and inner balance. It is like checking daily for the time of day when in fact, it can be at any time. There may be a sense of nervousness so, of course, calming the Inner Self is the step to take. Frustration adds to body tension so the answer is Rest. Find what works for you in different categories. I will come again and ‘drop in’.”


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