October 18, 2016

     “There is time to communicate. Here is our message for today. We are much more aware of the imbalance of the Earth Beings. The Inner Earth Beings are, or were, unaware of the imbalance of those above them. It is difficult to see the Light at this time, but it is there. It is always there, and so, we continue.

     Blanketing an area with Light has the effect of a ‘hot day’. We see now that the signs in the Sky are seen as beauty, but also curious happenings. Very, very few see the creation being shown in clear sight. This we know, that when the time comes to open the skies with Sound and Light it will be noticed. There will then be awe, tears, thankfulness and joy but also fear and anger. We advance with planning, seemingly slow but in the overall picture, fast steps a long time coming. We would ask you to continue with determination for there will be many doors opening and many guidelines to gather. The Light shines even in darkness. We will return. Blessed Be.”



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