MESSAGE 1,119 ~ The Hidden Light

October 26, 2016
   Marcia with Adriane

     (a: Why do these angels’ names keep coming forward in my knowing? The thought of the names come forward. Why is it Michael instead of the different el pronunciation on the end? Why is there a fixation on their names – Michael – Gabriel – Uriel – Raphael – Apollyon, Aleel and Adriel?) (m: I heard “Get ready.”) “Adriane, you will be crowned queen.” (m: I heard the word Diamond, let it shine.)

     “We come together for this day and we speak at different levels, yet we hear each other as if we were together. Concentrate on hearing and understand the meaning later. We begin with a sign to see/feel and that word certain – c-e-r-t-a-i-n. That is correct. We appreciate the carefulness of the message being correctly said. Sparkle is in a crown, yet it is the Light that shines which brings forth the sparkle. We line up for presentation. The angel names have, as you know, been arriving non stop. We understand the strain that this can cause. We bring to your attention that the words or names flow quickly. It is like saying we are here, we are gone, then another appears and repeats again, we are here, we are gone. Dwell on that later. Now we move forward with a different strand as a guideline. Follow the line – this is for Adriane to do.” (m: It’s in the north.)

     “Adriane, can you see or sense the strand?” (a: Not really, I probably need more information first.) “It is gray in color and it is beautiful in one’s vision. The gray can be soft or dark. It also can be both colors – meaning, one interspersed with another. It is fast moving like a river. If you cannot see it then simply sense it. You will perhaps have a feeling of being half way to a destination. I see you are traveling whether it feels that way or not. Just continue for a few moments. Now stop and look. What do you feel, not what do you see, but whatever it is in any form, what do you feel?” (a: Light.) That is correct so you see or understand our point and that is Light is there when gray seems to hide it. That is how the Light will be in many situations coming. Dwelling on that you can see a cover will hide the Light. Do you understand?” (a: Yes.)

     ‘Now we return to, we will call it, Earth Language. You have melded very well with our generally unknown energy. This experience will help you recognize the hidden Light when it is on or in the earth. One might think that is a simple exercise we will call it. It is not, and we feel you know that. The darkness over the earth is the stronger color of the Gray. It will hide the light, but the Light is there. It can be called on, but do so with caution and care. We go now as others waiting are ready to proceed.”


     # 2.   “We come now and are ready for our part in learning. The Angel names definitely draw your attention and it is like a group meeting. It also shifts your thought depending on which angel name appears. As you hear each name, like lightning fast, there is a connection or thought that you have with each angel. The line up is also important and has a Celestial Meaning. It is a train of thought being created. When you can put the order together you will and/or feel the energy that is being connected. This connection is not a link for a sentence, but a link of ‘knowing’ the main aspect of the name meaning. If it does not come, let it pass and continue to hear what comes next. This is somewhat frustrating, but it is practice for you. In darker times there is not time for individual explanation, but by using names with their meanings you have a flow of information. Is this clear?” (a: Clear as mud. Sensing and knowing – no hearing. A sense of knowing. I don’t have to think it, I know it, like sitting next to someone, you know who it is.)

     “Now we move forward. Light, of course, is around you, but it can be splattered with outside energy. It is that energy in times of darkness that can affect the knowing that can usually be heard. We believe there is a ‘storm’ coming.” (a: I sense that.) We appreciate your validation. The animals are sensing something, but there is no reference. Come home to better perceive.” (Not permanent.) “We see death and this has been seen in many ways there. Be calm, be assured and listen to your voices. It will be fast and sudden. Be not fearful, for calmness is the key to function correctly. It will be soon.”

# 3:   URIEL

     “You will use your hidden skills sooner than you think and they flow forward as easily as words. Prepare mentally in an encouraging way of recognizing things to come. Peace be to you.” (m: Somebody big (big body) I feel tingling in the right back side of my head. It’s strong – quicksilver – seen and not seen.) “Adriane, what is your pleasure?” (a: Are you Uriel?) “She speaks what she sees and it is true, I am he.” (a: Is everything okay?) Uriel: How perceptive you are, Adriane, it is an appropriate question. The world is turning normally or at least it appears that way. You sense there is something we will call it ‘not in place’. It is an accurate seeing/viewing that has not crystalized yet on earth. That is very good perception on your part. You see me seldom, but know I can appear quickly. There is no time that separates us. Marcia, you, too, will feel/see me. Hear this: A Large Booming Sound Is A Trigger That Indicates Movement In The Earth, On The Earth and Above the Earth. It is that, Adriane, that was causing you discomfort and for you, Marcia, you feel you know me not yet. I know you well and there is a knowing within you. 

     You will have warning by your bodies beginning to signal change in energy. You, of course, want to know the next step. If you have time, gather your pets within sight. I must go. (a: Will the Sound start above the earth first?) “Yes.” (a: Is it man made or natural?) “It is heavenly. I feel this was an excellent time to follow and be guided. I leave for now with warmth and Love. Blessed Be.”         (a: He’s very strong, looks like Atlas holding the world on his back like a weight lifter.)




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