MESSAGE 1,120 ~ The Lord Of Light

October 26, 2016
      Marcia with Adriane

     ((m: I heard the word Green.) “Adriane, we are multiple groups which is the reason for the delay. We have divided for different levels of energy and different intensities of Light. This is unusual and new which may be why it is not clear. We have much to say, some in code for use at a later time and the meaning can be shared carefully. This is a new venture and skill will be necessary. Marcia, you will sense more than usual at one time. We will take all changes into consideration. This is a new directional step and what your body needs as you (either of you) experience a new pattern, do what is comfortable at that moment. (m: I saw four groups of four plus the one guiding.) “Note that pets are extremely quiet. Now we begin our steps forward. Adriane, stand beside me. Listen without strain.”

      “I bid you all Heavenly Greetings. I come specifically for words that need to be heard. We are in a different moving time. By that I mean that action is being increased and bodies of Light Workers are finally moving in sync with energies new to earth. My loves, I stand before you. Hear me with your Being. The Time Of Movement Is Here. We meet seldom, but before me in this group are those who will work wonders. This I mean on heaven and earth. Your skills, carefully hidden are ready for entrance for Sight and Sound. The meaning of this statement will become clearer. I bless you all.

     (Now, be aware of Changes To Come. You will know and sense them at the time for knowing.   Simply Stand With Honor and Be Guided By The One Light Within Who Will Touch Your Knowing With Light That Clears Space. There is no one here in this group who doubts their gifts. They have been dormant for many eons. Trust, as they express the Joy Of Being Free of Bonds yet Sheltered Within The Body. There is no doubting for you know I have spoken truth. I say to you again and again BLESSED BE.” (m: There was a long, long silence. They are turning and carefully moving forward and you are to carefully, slowly return to earth. I heard YELLOW – PURPLE – BLUE and ORANGE. They say “Bring these colors within you.”



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