October 27, 2016
    Marcia with Adriane

     “We are around and around. It means we are expanding our circle as you talk and it has given us time to create an almost out of sight circle. We are pleased with the advancement of the last channeling. Obviously, we are spreading an almost out of sight Celestial Circle. Celestial in the sense of containing multiple minute combinations. That is why it has to be so large.

     The beginning to end of the circle is smooth as silk and in fact, enjoyable to create and watch it expand. We do not worry that it is almost out of sight because it has been so carefully put together. We are outside of the circle. Adriane, we want you to be aware of the value of this creation. We also want you to see or feel if it is close to earth. This may not come naturally with sensing because of its size. (a: I sensed it around the Milky Way, the whole galaxy and sense earth is at one of the arms, we are close to a part of the ring. As you talked about it I became aware of it.) “We are delighted to hear this. See this as a Sign, see it as indicating movement toward earth.” (a: That would mean it would shrink.) “Absolutely. You see well for it is what it was created to do and that is, as you said, to shrink. This brings the multiple energies closer together, easier to see and easier to reach out to. By that we mean connecting. You need no guidance on that. When you have made the connection you may sense/feel what is connected or you may pass that knowing and go to the next step of spreading or stretching the energies. This is a natural step that needs no review. You were born for it. The direction will be sensed by you as well as when to stop. We wanted to create in front of you so that you could move more quickly at future times. We are very pleased. Do you have questions?

     (a: I am curious for the purpose.) “It is like sending energy to earth in a large bag but when it arrives it can be directed as if it is in a small bag. This allows for directional movement which is more easily handled. As said before, we are aware of turmoil on earth. The reactions, the manner, the anger is unheard of in its spread from space to space. We are amazed at this. We do not presently see improvement and this is having major results of a negative outcome. We believe that this phase, we will call it, is lengthening. It will affect many and cause distrust and anger. We have had to change some of our plans and we await the outcome of certain events to see what steps to take.

     We enjoy seeing thoughts that lead to hidden thoughts. It is confusing to hear long explanations of what is going on in one small section of Celestial Connections. Yet, be aware that in spite of the division of Light and Love we are connected and the frustration you feel is because you cannot see or feel what is beyond. Know this Light connects immediately. We are not like cities in different areas. With the blink of the eyes we can connect. That is the clue.” (a: Light connects all things.) (m: I appreciate that understanding.)

     “We have no negativity to seeing/following insights for that is part of our goal. That is that we speak and teach and it is received and leads to understanding. This is why we have past knowing, present understanding and then we proceed in various future directions. It is understandable that this can be confusing for at the level that we are communicating it can move very quickly from one dimension to another and back again. So, we say for Adriane this understanding. We move beyond dimensions. You will understand what most cannot as to the meaning. We say to you, Adriane, we are moving faster than you know. You adjust automatically, but we mention this because there are other perceptions that, as you see, can lead to confusion. We are quite comfortable with this and want it known there is no negativity attached. We are quite pleased with the handling of moving quickly without dimensional awareness. This awareness is also for you, Adriane, for we will be moving closely, but quickly in and out of dimensions. This is what was new to Marcia in what she was feeling. It is very quick and sometime it was told that things would speed up and so it is.”


     (a: Time is a dimension when you are above the third dimension.All time exists simultaneously. These demonstrations are happening in future time when viewed from the earth. For those actually participating, it is not future to them , it is in the now. For earth, the demonstrations won’t happen until future time.”



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