November 1, 2016

     “We are here and understand that there are earth requirements that must be taken care of. The world is upside down you might say, change after change, surprise after surprise and negativity in many different forms from small to large. People feel they are going in circles. We understand why there is not much notice of Sky events. Additionally, the anger manifested continues to grow with no obvious change in sight. It is disturbing to feel this and look for Light that seems to be hidden. Still, there is always Light, even if it is hidden.

     Come, let us move on to opening Light. We see it in dot form and then spreading magnificently. Occasionally you see it on earth, sometimes by another’s action and sometimes by a flash of Light. Imagine when there are many Lights manifesting, one right after the other.   (Long Silence.)

     We move into a different realm. Take the color purple and become acquainted with its color again. It is a more soothing color than most realize.”



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