November 2, 2016
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We wait as we understand your comments on the negative surroundings on earth. We were summarizing what we saw to show our awareness. Your point is well taken and we can easily move down a different path. We simply move ahead.

     (a: I want you to show people how to live a positive life and not dwell on the negativity around them.) “There are, as you know, many levels of people on earth. We mean by this that at this time they have brought with them at birth high levels of knowing to very low levels of experience.   This leads to conflict and yet the time for each was to be manifested. You see many, many unusual happenings. This is an awareness that comes forth to those who are here with Spiritual Knowing. It is an unusual combination. One is to learn and one is to teach if you look at it as different paths. These paths are far, far apart and the cruelty is noticed more than some Beings on earth have experienced. We have shown this and will revise our communication, but it was and is for those who in their life experiences are not aware of these things.”

     (a: It still is a perspective whether they came in with a little knowing or a lot. It is a matter of where they put their concentration. If they constantly dwell in negative thought they will live a negative life, seeing only the bad. If they learn every day to be thankful no matter how little they have, they are living a more positive life. It is a matter of choice whether you choose to be dark or light, negative or positive. People who always look for the negative will never see the positive in their life. There is always something to be thankful for. If they can’t find it, they’re not looking hard enough. They are only looking at the negative.)

     “Well spoken and we again move forward. Look for the Light in others. This requires nonjudgement. It is that requirement that keeps most from seeing the Light. We look at flowers and mountains and water and beauty on earth and there is no room for dark thoughts. So we would say, based on your insight, that there is much in nature that can help you be positive. The joy of a sunset, the beauty of the inhabitants in the Animal Kingdom, the variety of colors and the continuation of new discoveries that lead to new healing methods. Beauty in earth is soothing and can heal the lack of Light that is there if it is looked for. It means also, leaving job worries and requirements temporarily in a separate area. It is when they are carried, that is the job concerns, that the healing colors are not noticed. There must be room for nature to be seen for what it is. It Is Caring That Can Be Felt If You Open For Receiving.

     There will be many who do not live near nature and that will be their first thought. The answer is to see it in a picture or in something that can be brought to share.” (a: Even if you live in a city there is nature all around. Learn to see it. There are squirrels in the trees, beautiful sunsets no matter where you live. There are beautiful sunrises. Learn to see nature even if you live in a concrete jungle or a desert. There is beauty if you have the eyes to see it. In your darkest hours learn to be thankful for something, anything and it will help to lighten your burden.) “We now see avenues opening for teaching. We understand that waiting for negativity to disappear is wasting what you have so beautifully explained. We will be happy to manifest more awareness of nature’s gifts. We have re-created the steps to take and will advance forward in creating different views of Light.”



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