November 4, 2016

     “I come alone. I saw your Light.” (m: Welcome.) “May I speak?” (m: Of course.)

     “Many eons ago I saw Earth in a different form. It had peace and Light. Now, centuries later, I hardly recognize it for it is cluttered with evil, yet there is Light in many places. It is a strange combination, but I see much in change. I come to say to those who can hear me that the Light will shine and colors not seen before combined with Light will appear. This will draw attention where other signs have been unnoticed. I speak to those who read the words. Your strength is being tested and you are handling it well. Yes, there are frustrating events and the Light seems not to shine, but in truth, and you know this as truth, your Light is ready to shine. It has been protected for reasons of growth and like a child taking first steps, it will be step by step and then it will fly forth. The guidance will fly forth and it will be a natural experience. There will be no doubt for it has been long in preparation.

     You know who you are. You are the Carriers of the Light. You will look for guidance, but will find that it is within. I salute you for it has been eons you have been carrying the light with love and care. Will you who writes sing for me before I go?” (m: Yes, thank you, it is my pleasure to send it to you. ….. I sang one of the songs that comes forth though I do not know what it will sound like or the meaning of the words. It cannot be repeated but it was very emotional.)



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