November 9, 2016
   Marcia with Adriane

   “We have been beyond and here and other realms. We have a few items to discuss and we used the time available to organize our thoughts. We feel there is a Storm coming. Now we are aware that when this word is used it can mean different things so we hasten to explain. Adriane, we would ask that you open your sensing to individual words. If you have a question, please ask it. We see daily, if we look, Earth Storms. We see Sky Storms and we see Individual Storms that go by individual scientific and or medical names. This storm can be called by other names but these names are not commonly known.

   We speak of unknown advanced mischief in Earth and in the Sky. We see, already, clouds that indicate a Storm is brewing. You may ask why and we have a careful answer. It is MAN MADE. These kinds of storms can be deadly for once they begin to manifest, there is little stopping it. It is in a scientific investigation or learning mode. You may begin to see that this is a discovery that has not previously been known. As with new investments they draw much attention and as a result, mistakes are made. This is common knowledge for inventors. It is a way of Life. Listen and try to see (or imagine) our developing message. It is big. It is loud, it may be out of control for it is an investigative situation. We see the interest and also see that the movement is picking up. This is because of the interest in unusual and new scientific measures. The results are only known on the surface. That is, so far, what can be seen. It is what is not seen that is the potential problem. Hear this: We follow this movement carefully and wisely for though we see and sense public interest, we also see what they do not see. What is your sensing so far?” (a: I can’t feel anything. The only thing I feel is the movement of God’s people.) “Explain.” (a: A crying out for deliverance.) “Marcia, what do you sense?” (m: I sense anger and intent to make changes in unknown territory.) “That is correct from you both. We are careful not to cause alarm. We ask, Adriane, that you ‘tune in’ to this on coming experiment for we see darkness and yet the darkness is out of sight. So why do we share this? We ask that you be alert to changes that something doesn’t feel like right energy.”

   (a: I saw a man’s face with a cloud around him. As the cloud passed over his face he became another person. This happened many times. The cloud kept passing over his face. It happened many, many times where he became many different people. I felt it was Lucifer.) “Why was he changing?” (a: He was possessing them. He is possessing leaders around the world. I did not see Trump’s face there.) “Was it males only?” (a: Yes. None of the faces were American faces. They were world leaders not in the USA either Middle Eastern or Oriental. Not American faces. He possessed one at a time and then connected as if he was all of them. I’m afraid that’s the Army. The Army in Revelation, the army on the bad side in Armageddon. They were all linked together with one will – Lucifer’s will. Lucifer was the dark cloud passing over them.) He had possession of those areas. He was gathering his Army.  They were only seeing the men causing the storm. They were not aware of the possession by Lucifer.)

   L: Speak, Marcia. Speak it. Hear this for I come rarely and I come with force. I am gathering. You have seen correctly. Write my words exactly as I speak them. I come with sword in hand yet it is not seen. I spread coils and coils and wrap my prey. I did not know I would be seen, but this I tell you. Neither the entities who began this session or you Adriane, or you, Marcia, would see a speck if I did not allow it. (a: This was a lie.) You, Adriane, are seeing correctly. (a: I am seeing what God has shown me.) L: Thank you for an awareness of His closeness. As you may sense, I am seldom sensed and seldom speak, but I use this channel to push forward not only for your ears, but for the Light beings who were sensing me. (m: Adriane was sensing him.) I have begun my mission. It is a symbol of the time that has come. Hear my words before I leave.   I am Lucifer and I will do my heavenly work so long awaited. You have been allowed to see the darkness. Remember what I say: I will fill my cup with God’s will. I have begun and I go.

   (a: Nice little lie – he twisted the meaning of what he said. His time is short and he knows it. I know how the story ends and it does not end well for him. He is trying to make it like God’s will when it is his defiance.) (m: The Light Beings are stunned.) (a: They saw a confrontation you didn’t see. We were protected by a Seraphim with a flaming sword. We will listen more carefully with open eyes.)


   (a: This is an opportunity to learn how Lucifer works through deception and lies. How he cannot be detected because he is a master of deception and can cloak himself against energy detection from human channels. It was my intercession that got him to admit who he was, but then, of course, being the liar he is, he tried to make it appear as if he allowed me to detect him and what he was doing through possessing world leaders abroad. This is a powerful channel and a heads up warning to other channels and Light Workers to protect themselves and question information given in channels and light workers to protect themselves and really question information given in channels that do not lead to the advancement of spirit and steps toward God but instead give information saying you can do this or that when really only a master could do it.


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