November 10, 2016
   Marcia with Adriane

   (m: Heard the word sugar.) “We are here to teach. The words may not sound or appear to be related so we ask for your patience and then you will understand, so, we begin again.

   Sugar – vanilla – peace – the color yellow surrounded by pink.

   Notice the lightness of the last two colors. Now see blue and auburn and surround that combination with roses, the flower with petals attached. Continue and in a different section place another group as follows – orange, lime – strawberry, a cold look of black. Now, back off for a moment. (m; orange, vanilla, lime. A: peace – lime – strawberry. Beginning anew see these colors – pumpkin. On the top of the pumpkin is a line whose color is brown. The line is attached to the pumpkin in the middle. Now we have another step which to you will also be strange. Separate from the other colors.   Take blue and make a dot. The intensity of the blue is up to the one doing the creation. This also applies to the size of the dot. Use a ruler if necessary and place another of the same size and color two inches from the first dot. Now draw an upside down V with the points touching each spot. Draw a line down the middle of the V.   This is your combination receiver. In other words a mixture of colors brought together within the V. It is then ready for various combinations and mixtures. This then is a pattern created that can be use in moments of protection or calmness needed.

   This is a slow process on paper and in the beginning even a slower process in choosing the combinations. It is done carefully and with an openness to being led to specific colors – a feeling of choosing the right one. Now Adriane, this is what you have been waiting for. This process is ancient, but of course in early times the colors came from leaves or blossoms and not things like pumpkins. It would seem that this will be easier for an artist, but it should not be rushed even if the colors have been chosen. The clue to sense the energy of the colors. This communication with care and respect, is carried forward with ceremony and slowly poured forth in the sky at night. If it is to be understood you would have to know the color effects if spread at night. For artistic drawings which are difficult because of the liquid, it is to cleanse the area and it can be drawn and placed in a frame. The energy then affects when necessary, the energies in the room. (m: Is this information for mental creation?) “I is as said to you by Adriane, a creation done mentally but with careful steps it has power. On earth we believe but have no experience that if painted there will still be a feeling of energy or strength. (a: What is the purpose?) “That is a good question. Perhaps we have been too detailed and we do see that this explanation should come first.”

   Adriane realized this was being influenced by Lucifer and hung up.   (She wrote comments….the first part on the Storms page.) Additionally she said “All the color knowledge aimed at creating something is Lucifer’s way of creating chaos for us and hurting God by hurting us. Only the real architects of the universe should be out there creating as they are the one fulfilling God’s plan and creating under His direction with His divine plan in mind. Knowledge of the energy of color and its source or what colors do what – but not to be used in creating.



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